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10 reasons to choose Unpaid
Unpaid invoices; you'd rather lose them than get rich. Unfortunately, as a company, it is sometimes unavoidable that you are confronted with them, and action needs to be taken. Why, in such a case, would you choose the services of Unpaid? In this article, we give you 10 reasons to select Unpaid. After all, it is only normal that you want to know what we stand for. At the end of the day, it's all about your money.
Good debtor management
Many companies have a strong focus on sales. This makes sense, because without sales, a business will not run. But when is a sale successfully completed? As soon as the order form is signed? As soon as the product or service is delivered? Or from the moment the invoice amount is in your account?
Defaults: The signals by which you recognize them.
Sooner or later, every company will have to deal with a defaulter. If your customers suddenly don’t pay correctly any more it has consequences for your cash flow. To avoid this, it's better to recognize a defaulter in time. Below we'll give you a few tell-tale signals that should ring alarm bells.
How Unpaid can help with your Corona file at the bank
Unfortunately, Corona has caused problems for the Belgian economy. For more than 2 months the economy was almost completely at a standstill. Moreover, it seems that the restart will be a long- term job.
What costs can you charge in cases of late payment, and how much?
If your customer does not pay an invoice, you may charge interest and dunning fees. But how much exactly? And what are realistic rates?
tips on payment terms
Every invoice you send or receive must include a payment term - the time you get or give to pay the invoice. The most common period is 14 days, but some companies give a longer period of 30 days or more. In any case, the payment term is an important aspect of your company's financial health. We give you 5 tips on how to deal with it below.
Postponement of payment
Occasionally a customer asks for a postponement of payment. How do you respond to this and what is the best thing to do? Allowing a postponement of payment is not required by law. But why risk a good relationship and maybe even lose a customer by refusing? Maybe a short consultation is enough to agree on a new payment term together. You are happy and your customer even more so. Keep a number of things in mind.
advantages of e-invoicing
In your private life and at work,: digitisation is omnipresent. As a company, it is also essential to take the digital train. Most of your customers have already switched to e-invoicing. In this article we look at what it means and what the benefits are.
customer relations
Whether you run a large company, an SME, a start-up or a one-man business: it's your customers who keep your business running. A good customer relationship is therefore necessary. We give you a few tips to maintain and even improve them in the best possible way.
The importance of a positive cash flow
Cash flow: one of the most commonly used business terms. But what does it mean and why is cash flow so important for your business? What exactly is a good cash flow and a bad cash flow? And what is its impact on your business?
Unpaid invoices
Unpaid invoices have a major impact on your business. They put pressure on your liquidity and in the worst case, you have to postpone investments or be in financial distress. With our calculator you can calculate how much extra turnover you need to generate to make up for unpaid invoices. But there are a lot of extra hidden costs.
good debtor management
Good accounts receivable management is essential for any business. But what does that mean? And what is the best way to get started as an entrepreneur?