Private customer who fails to pay? Send a bailiff to your customer

Does your customer not have a company number? In other words, is the defaulter a private person? Then, unfortunately, there is only one possible route to legally enforce the payment of unpaid invoices: through the courts. A time-consuming and unpredictable course, both in terms of outcome and costs. 

And a big difference from the efficient IOS procedure which you can use to collect invoices from corporate customers. This is why Unpaid also developed a faster way to prompt private individuals to pay.

Send bailiff with reminder to customer

More efficient collection of unpaid invoices from private individuals

Submit your claim and let our bailiff personally visit your customer to serve an amicable official reminder. As with a registered letter, your client can now no longer claim that he did not receive your reminder(s). But a visit by a bailiff makes much more of an impression than the umpteenth letter.

In many cases, this will encourage your customer to pay your invoice. But if he does not, and you still have to start legal proceedings? Then the bailiff's service of the official reminder will prove in court that you have done everything possible to collect the amount. So you no longer have to hire (and pay for) a lawyer to send another amicable reminder.

How does Unpaid proceed?

1) We select a local bailiff

When you submit a claim online, we immediately put one of our bailiffs to work. We choose a bailiff based on your debtor's postal code.


2) Solvency investigation

The bailiff first carries out a solvency investigation on your customer. In other words, he or she checks whether the chances of collecting the invoice are reasonable. If it appears unlikely that the customer will be able to pay, we will close the claim and provide you with a certificate of irrecoverability. This allows you to recover the VAT you have already paid on the invoice and to legally remove the turnover from your accounts.


3) Service of the official reminder

If no issues were discovered during the solvency check, the bailiff will physically go to your customer's home to serve them with an official reminder. That leaves an impression!


4) Your customer pays

As soon as your customer pays, the bailiff will transfer the received amount to you. If your customer pays everything, you receive the sum of your outstanding invoices. If he only pays a part of the amount, you will receive that. You can then still try to collect the remaining part through classic legal proceedings.


5) Closure of the dossier

Once your customer has paid, we will close the dossier. We will also do this if 6 weeks have passed without payment since the official reminder. In the latter case, you can choose to go to court. We will provide you or your lawyer with all possible legal documents in advance, so that you can stand strong in court.


How much does this service cost?

It will cost you a fixed amount of 95 euros (excluding VAT) to have our bailiff serve your reminder on a private customer.

However, does your customer have a VAT number? Then you can use the intercompany procedure and recover the Unpaid cost in full from your customer.

Ready to start collecting?

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