6 reasons why you hesitate to claim your invoices

And why you shouldn't...

Unpaid or late invoices can be dramatic for your business' liquidity. Yet many companies wait (too) long before actually taking any action. We asked companies why they hesitate to claim their outstanding invoices. The main reasons given are presented below. And also, why these reasons don't hold up…

1. "I don't want to lose my customer"

The most prevalent reason is the fear of losing the customer. Of course, that is a potential consequence. But that's no reason to let your invoices go unpaid. After all, no customer is better than a customer who doesn't pay, right?

To be clear, we certainly don't mean you should immediately take drastic measures against a customer who ordinarily pays promptly. And especially not without first sending a payment reminder or possibly contacting them by telephone. But if, after one or more reminders, there is still no response, your customer can hardly blame you for taking further action.

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2. "I don't feel like dealing with a lot of red tape"

Starting up a procedure is associated with a lot of administrative hassle. And for many companies, that is reason enough not to do it at all. This shouldn't be so. Our online platform unpaid.be has been developed to enable you to file a claim completely online in just 10 minutes. That's all there is to it. You will be kept informed via e-mails with updates and you can always check the status of your claims in your own account.

(Click here to see how easy it is.)

What's more, many accounting software systems offer direct integration with unpaid.be. Do you work with Exact online, Teamleader, Billit or Yuki? Then you can submit your claims directly from your own platform.

3. "Can I still change my mind?"

"Can I still change my mind, once the procedure has launched?" This is a question we are often asked at unpaid.be. The answer is "Absolutely".

Quite often, delinquent payers will contact the company directly to arrange payment as soon as they receive the reminder from the bailiff. At that point, you can still choose how you would like to settle the matter with your customer. In other words, you remain in control of what happens with your unpaid invoice.

4. "It's too expensive"

"Lawyers and courts are expensive." That is true. But thanks to a number of changes to the law and unpaid.be, you don't have to hire a lawyer or take the matter to court.

How much does it cost, then? If you submit a claim via unpaid, there are a number of costs that you need to cover up front. These costs are set according to law and are clearly listed here. We are talking about an amount between € 166.93 and a maximum of € 394.41 excl. VAT (for invoices over € 37,200.00).

We refer to it here as an advance payment because this cost will be covered by your debtor along with the full amount of your invoice.

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5. "It's too drastic"

This is a statement we hear all the time. You want to get your money back, but you do not want to come down too hard on your customer. But does this hesitation really make sense when you still have received no reaction or payment, despite repeated reminders?

Moreover, a procedure also doesn't have to be 'extreme' or 'unnecessarily harsh'. Via unpaid, the procedure goes very quickly: payment generally follows already within 30 days. That's good for your bank account, but for your debtor's account, too. That's because the costs for him are also limited to € 166.93 and a maximum of € 394.41 excl. VAT. In the past you would have to add the cost for the court and the lawyers to this sum.

6. "It's not worth it for such a small amount"

That's one of the biggest misconceptions among entrepreneurs. Prior to the amendment to the law in 2016, you did have to engage a lawyer and take it to court. That meant that the costs for the procedure could mount up, and sometimes even come out to be more expensive than simply leaving the invoice unpaid. Which was a shame, because no matter how small the amount, it is money that belongs to you. Moreover, many little bits add up to a large deficit when all is said and done…

With unpaid, the cost of the procedure is low enough that it's still worthwhile to file a claim, even for 'smaller' amounts.


Do you, too, have an unpaid invoice on your books and have you put off taking further action because of one of the reasons mentioned above? Then perhaps it's time for you to track down your money.

Why not give it a try via unpaid.be? You'll see that it works and that it does not cost you money or time.

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