Outstanding invoices?

No more expensive debt recovery agencies or time-consuming procedures via the courts! Thanks to an amendment to the law, it's now possible to legally pursue payment without the intervention of a judge.

Your peace of mind starts here and now!

Fill in the form and let us collect your outstanding invoices.

How does it work?


Fill in the form. This should take about 10 min. (Tip: you will need to have your bank card and the outstanding invoice handy.)

As you fill it in, we will verify whether your case meets the legal conditions.

As a final step, you will need to pay an advance. But don't worry, this will be reimbursed with your payment!

Your work is done! Within a week, our bailiff will hand-deliver a payment reminder to your customer at home. If there is no response forthcoming, the bailiff will arrange a court order and the payment will thus be legally enforced.

After an average of 30 days, you will receive 100% of the money owed (plus reimbursement of your advance).

Do you have any further questions? Click the chat icon at the lower right and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

New legislation

In the past, when an invoice remained unpaid, the only option was to take it to court. Although this may have been simply a formality, it meant (costly) time wasted for you as well as the courts.

That is why the law was amended. For uncontested business-to-business invoices, a bailiff can now directly receive a judgement, without a lawsuit. In other words, the bailiff can almost immediately force your customer to pay.

Why Unpaid?


We'll dispatch a bailiff to your customer within the week. The bailiff will appear at the customer's home, which sends a strong message.


There is no travel involved for you. You simply fill in a single form on the website. We do the rest.

By experts.

This website is an initiative of experienced lawyers and bailiffs.


If successful, you will recover 100% (one hundred percent!) of the principal. In addition to reimbursement of your advance, you'll also receive a maximum of 10% extra.

Are we trustworthy?

Of course! Unpaid is an initiative of the law firm De Groote – De Man. Our office aims to bring a breath of fresh air to the judicial landscape. We see the law not as a limiting factor but as an opportunity and a means for helping your company to grow. By focusing on innovation, we can bring the law closer to our clients. Unpaid is a good example of our innovative approach.

The collection itself is carried out by the bailiff's office GDW-GENT.

Thank you for the great service. I spent months contacting the customer and 'asking' for the invoice to be paid. In the end, via unpaid.be, I spent just 10 minutes submitting the case and 3 weeks later, I received a mail that everything had been taken care of. Highly recommended!

- Bram Laebens

Unpaid is so efficient that as a lawyer, I even use it myself for my own outstanding invoices.

- Evelyne Van den Vreken, LL.M.

I used to work with a debt recovery agency, but they charged a commission of 20%. At Unpaid, although I do have to provide an advance, I get it all back promptly upon payment, PLUS 100% of the invoice amount!

- Fons Vandenbroek


The Financial Times publishes an Innovative Lawyers report annually. This ranking has some very prestigious awards connected to it. In the category “Innovation in the business of law: new products and services”, our firm won, with the product Unpaid. The award was presented during a ceremony in the Natural History Museum in London on the 4th of October, 2017.
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