When you want to have an outstanding invoice pursued, you generally have to work with a service that charges no fee upfront, but withholds a 20% commission after the debt is collected. This means that you get just 80% of the original amount invoiced.

At Unpaid, we take a different approach. You pay an advance that allows us to get started. Once the debt has been recovered, your advance payment will be reimbursed. You will also receive 100% of the originally invoiced amount. One hundred percent. We recover our operating costs from your customer as well.

So, at first sight the investment may seem higher, but you will have more left over in the end.

The advance is automatically calculated based on the amount of your invoice. You will receive a clear overview of this calculation when you submit the claim.


An outstanding invoice usually goes through a long, arduous process before it is finally paid. It starts with the reminders that you send out yourself, an angry letter from a lawyer and then later a debt recovery agency. In the worst case, it winds up in court.

With Unpaid, you can skip practically all of those steps. We immediately dispatch a bailiff who will personally hand-deliver the payment reminder to your customer. That makes a much stronger impression that all those unopened reminders.

If there is no reaction to the reminder, the bailiff will obtain a judgement and enforce the payment.


As an entrepreneur, you already have more than enough paperwork to deal with. The extra administration that comes with outstanding invoices is the last thing you need.

That's why at Unpaid we've opted for a no-nonsense approach. You can take care of everything online, directly from your own computer.

You enter the details of the outstanding invoice just once and we'll take care of it from there. Moreover, everything is verified in real-time. As you fill in the details, if it becomes clear that we can't help you with this invoice, we will notify you immediately and you will not have to complete the rest of the steps.
10 minutes' effort in exchange for peace of mind: no more appointments with lawyers, debt recovery agencies or – even worse – uncomfortable conversations with the defaulter.

By experts

Unpaid was created by the law firm De Groote – De Man, a highly-respected law firm based in Ghent (Est. 1968). The collection itself is done by the bailiff's office GDW-GENT.

Altogether, there is a team of over 35 professionals available to recover your hard-earned money, anywhere in Belgium.