What is Unpaid?

Unpaid is an initiative of the law firm DE GROOTE – DE MAN and was created in response to the Law on uncontested Debt Recovery. This online platform allows you to collect your outstanding, undisputed invoices from companies with a minimum of cost and effort.

What is different about the new procedure for the collection of uncontested debt?

With this procedure, you can force a debtor to pay without the involvement of a judge. This means that you can very quickly collect payment for your invoice with a minimum of cost and effort.


Why should I use this service?

With a minimum of effort you can have your unpaid, undisputed invoices collected, without even having to make an appointment with a lawyer. What's more, the costs are so low that it would hardly make sense not to use the service.

What are the advantages for me?

  • You can submit everything online.
  • You will receive your money quickly.
  • You will receive an immediate reply indicating whether or not you are eligible to use our service for your invoices.
  • When all is said and done, it often ends up costing you nothing and you will have more than the principal repaid!


What does Unpaid cost?

In fact, all of this costs you nothing, because the costs will be recovered from your customer. However, you will be required to make an advance payment of these minimal costs.

The price of the service is broken down into two types of costs. On one hand, the costs for the lawyers’ verification of the eligibility of your case (40 euros, excl. VAT), and on the other hand, the cost of the bailiff who must make an on-site visit and draw up an official report of non-contestation. The cost for this will depend on the amount of your claim.

In total, these services will cost you:

Value of your case Cost excl. VAT

0 – 124,99 €

166,93 €

125 – 369,99 €

197,15 €

370 – 619,99 €

227,49 €

620 – 1859,99 €

242,71 €

1860 – 3719,99 €

273,05 €

3720 – 12399,99 €

303,29 €

12400 – 37199,99 €

333,73 €

37200 - …

394,41 €

Who pays the final bill?

The bailiff will attempt to recover all costs for the service (€ 40.00 excl. VAT), as well as any other bailiff’s costs, from your customer.

My lawyer often charges € 125.00 per hour (excl. VAT) for an initial consultation. Why is Unpaid so cheap?

By fully automating the process, we are able to provide this service to you for just € 40.00 (excl. VAT)!

When can I use this platform?

Where can I use this platform?

You can only use this platform in Belgium.

Can I also use this platform to recover debt from companies located abroad?

No, you cannot use this platform for companies located outside Belgium. That is why you can only enter a Belgian VAT number when you start up your case.

What kind of invoices can I have collected through this platform?

You can only collect uncontested and undisputed invoices with this platform.

What are undisputed invoices?

These are invoices that you have sent to customers and for which you have received no response.

What if my invoice has been contested?

In that case, you cannot use this platform and you will have to consult a lawyer about debt collection through the courts.

Click here to have a lawyer contact you to discuss this, at no obligation.

Can I use this platform to collect old unpaid invoices?

Yes, we will check fully automatically if you can still collect your payment.

Can I use this platform with all of my customers?

No, you can only use this efficient procedure for invoices issued to companies, but not to consumers. Do you have unpaid invoices issued to consumers?

Click here to have a lawyer contact you to discuss this, at no obligation.

What if I have not made contractual provisions for interest or damages?

We advise you to always include clear payment terms with your invoices. If your invoice does not contain payment terms, then you can invoke the Law on combating late payment in commercial transactions. If you have an unpaid and uncontested invoice, you are automatically entitled to fixed damages of €40.00 in addition to the principal.

Is this service also useful for small invoices of € 100.00 or less?

Absolutely. It would be difficult to start legal proceedings for an invoice of under € 100.00. But thanks to this procedure, you can still quickly recover your outstanding invoice at your customer’s expense.

How does it work?

What are the steps in the procedure?

  1. You enter your own details and your customer’s details.
  2. You upload the necessary documents.
  3. We verify whether all legal requirements are met.
  4. We will then forward everything to the bailiff who will collect the money for you.

What do these services include?

We will carry out the legally required checks on your behalf and we will forward your case to the bailiff. The bailiff will send your customer a reminder. He will personally knock at your customer’s door to deliver it. If your customer fails to respond, the bailiff will draw up an official report of non-contestation and make the arrangements to obtain a "judgement".

If additional measures should prove necessary later on, then the bailiff will contact you to discuss the next steps (seizure, sale, etc.) to recover your money. These additional costs are not included in the rates shown above.

What is not included?

If the bailiff incurs additional operational costs, these will not be included in the price. The bailiff will check with you before incurring these costs, to obtain your explicit approval.

I have entered my details and submitted the supporting documents, but what about the confidentiality of my data?

Everything that you send through Unpaid takes place through a secure connection. All the information that you provide is covered by our professional confidentiality obligation as lawyers, so you have an absolute guarantee of confidentiality.

Once you have my details and supporting documents, what happens next?

If the legal requirements have been fulfilled, then we will forward the case to the bailiff. The bailiff will collect payment for your invoice on your behalf and all recovered amounts will be deposited directly into your bank account.

What does the bailiff do?

The bailiff will first send your customer a reminder, which the bailiff will personally hand-deliver in order to collect payment.

What if my customer does not respond to the reminder?

If your customer does not respond, then, after a period of one month and eight days, the bailiff can obtain an enforceable right to force the debtor to pay. This will be done by taking measures such as seizure of property. The bailiff will contact you directly to obtain your approval and to discuss the costs for this action.

What if my customer requests payment facilities?

  • If your customer complies with these facilities, then the procedure will be over once the debt is paid in full.
  • If your customer does not comply with the facilities, the bailiff will have to obtain an enforceable right and will force your customer to pay. This will be done by taking measures such as seizure of property. The bailiff will contact you directly to obtain your approval and to discuss the costs for this action.

What if my customer contests the reminder on specific grounds?

Then the procedure stops there. The bailiff will contact you to discuss the possible next steps.

How much time does my customer have to dispute the invoice?

Your customer can dispute it at any time, which will lead to the end of this procedure.

What if my customer pays me?

Congratulations, you have recovered all of your money plus the extra costs incurred and possibly also a maximum of 10% in damages. The bailiff will pay all recovered amounts directly to your bank account.

Who is the bailiff who will be working on my behalf?

Unpaid works for you together with the bailiff's office GDW-GENT. This experienced office will handle your entire case and has an exceptionally good reputation in the sector.