Shorter payment terms on the way for SMEs
Starting from 29 April 2020, large companies will no longer be able to impose payment terms of more than 90 days on SMEs. In the past, large companies have sometimes taken advantage of their position of power over smaller contractors. Suppliers would be pressured to accept long payment terms of up to 120 days or more. Those who objected would lose out on major contracts. The new law of 29 May 2019 changes all that.


Did you know that, as a Yuki user, it's easy to have your outstanding business-to-business invoices collected via Unpaid? Thanks to this smart integration, collecting your overdue, unpaid invoices is simple, fast and efficient, leaving you free to focus on your core activities. In this article, we will briefly explain how the integration works.

An unpaid invoice?

Calculate here how much additional turnover you must generate to compensate for it.

The gross margin basically is the difference between the total income of the company (the turnover) and the costs paid to realise that operating income. In many cases (such as in this calculator) this margin is expressed in a percentage. In order to obtain this percentage, you divide the difference by the turnover.


terms and conditions
Do you have General Terms and Conditions? No? It is nevertheless an important document. The General Terms and Conditions determine the rules that will be applied in the event of discussions about delivered performances or invoiced goods. In other words: Good General Terms and Conditions ensure for you to have a stronger position in case of a dispute.