How much does it cost to collect unpaid invoices?

Unpaid invoices have a major impact on your business. They put pressure on your liquidity and in the worst case, you have to postpone investments or be in financial distress. With our calculator you can calculate how much extra turnover you need to generate to make up for unpaid invoices. But there are a lot of extra hidden costs.

Time is money

It is time consuming to go after unpaid invoices. You call, send reminders, draw up repayment plans ... often for several customers. That's time you lost forever. Time you can't turn into money anymore.

If you don't do anything and postpone the succession, the chance of payment decreases noticeably. Did you know that invoices in certain sectors expire after 6 months? As soon as an invoice is expired, you can no longer claim it and you depend entirely on the goodwill of your debtor.


Enable help for follow-up

Now you can outsource the follow-up of unpaid invoices to employees or external partners who are specialised in this field. But there's always a cost to it.

Is a debt collection agency more cost-efficient than hiring someone? Yes and no. Debt collection agencies do ensure a professional follow-up of your files. But when it comes down to it, they don't have more resources than your internal staff because collection agencies:

- can't make seizures either;

- never treat your customers 100% the way you treat them;

- charge file costs or subscription fees.

Whatever solution you choose, bad payers and unpaid invoices nibble at your profit margins.

Are there preventive alternatives?

You can choose to work with trade information. That limits the risk, but... you're always in danger of turning down potentially good customers. Moreover, the purchase of commercial information is not free of charge.

Factoring is also associated with high costs and strict conditions.


Unpaid will cost you nothing if your defaulter eventually pays

If your customer pays after our intervention, the collection of unpaid invoices will cost you nothing at all. It's your client who pays the costs. The defaulter receives the final invoice. That's all we charge at Unpaid. You will also receive a full refund of the advance that you pay at the start of your file.

Try Unpaid for all your unpaid B2B invoices. You don't pay any subscription fees and are not contracted to anything. 

Do you have an unpaid invoice and do you have questions about the operation of Unpaid? Call +32 9 396 34 00 or let us know here when you want to be called.

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