This is how to write the perfect reminder letter

If an invoice remains unpaid, you've got to act quickly. The longer outstanding invoices are allowed to remain unpaid, the greater the chance that you will miss out on payment. That's why you should wait no more than a few days after the due date to call your customer. What if the customer does not honor the agreement you made for payment? Then send a reminder letter. We offer you the crucial tips and an example of a good reminder.

Keep it clear and concise

This is not the place for flowery prose. State clearly and concisely that the invoice has not been paid and that you expect payment. Don't forget to state which invoice (or invoices) it concerns and what the total outstanding amount is.

Set a deadline

Never mention in your letter that it is a first reminder. The customer might then assume that a second or third reminder will follow. Don't give the impression that additional postponement is possible. Give the customer a final payment date. In your reminder letter, state the date on which the invoice must be paid at the latest. Also follow these tips to prevent a backlog of outstanding claims from piling up. 


An invoice that remains unpaid has consequences. That should be the main message of the letter. Of course, you don't want to lose your customer. We recommend telling your customer that you would rather not have to take any further steps but that you will not hesitate to do so if the deadline is not respected. In practice, this means that you will charge interest and/or costs or that the customer will be liable for legal costs. 

The above tips will help you collect your hard-earned money. You will find an example of a payment reminder here. We also have examples in French and Dutch.

And then what?

Is the invoice still not paid? Then hand it over to a specialist. There's no point in continuing to send reminders. If you do so, it will only decrease the chances of successful collection and make it more likely that customers will always pay your invoice last. While you have worked just as hard (or harder) for your money than your customer's other suppliers.

In these cases, you can count on Unpaid. You can submit your first claim entirely online. Our team of bailiffs ensures that you get your money in 89% of the cases. Plus, from now on, your customer will see to it that your invoice is paid first.

Ready to start collecting?

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