Over 400 Belgian companies have chosen Unpaid

Unpaid celebrates 18 months: the numbers

Unpaid has been operational for a year and a half! So it's high time to take stock of the concrete results we've been able to deliver in that time.

And we're pleased to share them with you! 

After all, we believe it's important to show that you can count on Unpaid and that we really can make a difference. For your company, too. 

The key figures at a glance

+400 companies

To date, over 400 companies from all over Belgium have successfully use Unpaid to claim one or more outstanding invoices. And the number is growing each month! Clearly, delinquent payments remain a persistent problem in the B2B world and there's a need for an efficient, inexpensive, and above all, fast solution.

3 000 000 euro

+€ 3 000 000

Don't hesitate to use Unpaid to claim your payment, whatever the amount! Every little bit counts, after all, judging from the total sum of the payments we've collected. The outstanding invoices we have been able to recover represent a total of over € 3 000 000!
Have you checked the total amount of outstanding invoices at your company? Why not take action before things go too far. You have a right to be paid for your hard work.

30 dagen

89% repaid within 30 days

At Unpaid, we aim to work effectively, but also quickly. You've been waiting for your money for long enough already. Within 5 days after you file your claim, the bailiff will visit your customer at home to deliver an official payment order. That tends to get their attention. And it shows in our performance figures. No fewer than 89% of the claims were paid within 30 days!
So why wait any longer to take action?

Do you, too, face the headache of unpaid invoices?

Outstanding invoices can have significant financial consequences for your company. That's why delinquent payments should be addressed promptly, with the help of Unpaid!
On our platform, it takes just a few mouse-clicks to submit a claim and we'll immediately get to work on restoring your peace of mind.
Just give it a try, and you'll see that it works.

Have you already submitted a claim?

Then feel free to turn to us again in the future!

Were you satisfied with our service? Then let us know by e-mail or by posting a positive review on our Facebook page! That way, other entrepreneurs will be able to find out what Unpaid can do for them, too.

Do you have an unpaid invoice or do you have questions about how Unpaid works? Call +32 9 396 34 00 or let us know when you want to be called.