10 reasons to choose Unpaid

Unpaid invoices; you'd rather lose them than get rich. Unfortunately, as a company, it is sometimes unavoidable that you are confronted with them, and action needs to be taken. Why, in such a case, would you choose the services of Unpaid? In this article, we give you 10 reasons to select Unpaid. After all, it is only normal that you want to know what we stand for. At the end of the day, it's all about your money.

1. The customer is central

Customer satisfaction is central to us. We have a dedicated customer satisfaction manager. You can always contact us with your questions; although we try to avoid them as much as possible by communicating clearly, transparently, and proactively in a language that everyone can understand.

klant staat centraal


2. Your success is our success

Our interests are perfectly aligned. If we are unable to complete a case successfully, we don't receive any money either. So, your success is our success and vice versa.

When your client pays, you will receive 100% of the claimed amount + all advanced costs. The use of Unpaid is, therefore, almost always free of charge.

3. No contract

At Unpaid we have no contracts. We want you to remain as our customer because you are satisfied, not because you are tied to a contract.

4. In Belgium and abroad

Anyone with a Belgian company number can use our service; it does not matter where in Belgium you are located. Our clients are very diverse, from freelancers, start-ups, and transport companies to accounting firms and interim offices. Companies in a number of other countries can also use Unpaid if they are dealing with a Belgian debtor.

unpaid voor iedereen


5. Strong solvency control

For each file, we automatically do a double solvency check based on a self-developed algorithm. In this way, we avoid unnecessary costs.


6. Quick procedure

At Unpaid, we use the IOS procedure (collection of undisputed debts). This is a legally valid procedure, each step of which is accurately described in the law. So, both you and your client know exactly where you stand and what can be expected. We are not going to give any more reminders or make any more phone calls to your client; we will take immediate action.

ios procedure


7. No subscription

With us, you don't pay a subscription fee, and you can submit one or more claims at a time. We do not expect exclusivity. Would you, for example, send file A to your lawyer and file B to us? This is no problem for Unpaid, because, after all, these are your files.

8. Integration

Ease of use is also central to Unpaid. We are constantly working on making it even easier to enter files. That is why we integrate with many important software players in the accounting and collections markets. In the meantime, you can send your files to Unpaid from Yuki, Teamleader, Exact, Octopus, Billit, or EenvoudigFactureren with one push of a button. Even if you do not use this software, submitting a file takes a matter of minutes.

unpaid integratie


9. No limit

Do you have three or three hundred invoices? High or low amounts? It doesn't matter. An unpaid invoice can be collected by Unpaid without a minimum purchase, without subscription costs, and for any invoice amount.

10.  Efficiency

Every customer should be able to count on a service that does what it says on the package. Unpaid wants to be synonymous with lightning-fast results, a tiptop customer experience, and a smoothly running online platform.

Do you have a lot of invoices? We can make customized appointments for large-scale customers. If you have any questions and/or remarks, please feel free to contact us via the website or by phone on 0032 9 396.34.00. Would you prefer us to give you a call? Let us know here when you want to be called by our General Manager Dirk.

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