What clients say about us

I used to work with a debt recovery agency, but they charged a commission of 20%. At Unpaid, although I do have to provide an advance, I get it all back promptly upon payment, PLUS 100% of the invoice amount!
- Fons Vandenbroek

I'm very satisfied with the cooperation and system of your organization. I have recommended you to my accountant and other self-employed people.

- D. Van Hulle
I am amazed at the fast functioning of both your office and the bailiff. I hope never to need you again but it had to be "direct"
- D.V.

Thanks for the quick arrangement. A correct service and the specified timing is respected. You have gained a customer.

- Sterca
Chris Sterck

Thank you for the great service. I spent months contacting the customer and 'asking' for the invoice to be paid. In the end, via unpaid.be, I spent just 10 minutes submitting the case and 3 weeks later, I received a mail that everything had been taken care of. Highly recommended!

- Bram Laebens
Monkey Monkey

Unpaid is so efficient that as a lawyer, I even use it myself for my own outstanding invoices.

- Evelyne Van den Vreken, LL.M.

Thank you for the information and I would also like to thank the entire team for the services provided. I am very satisfied with them. Thanks a lot!!

- Jochen Veulemans
Freelancer Event sector

Unpaid is the dream combination of courtesy and propriety.
Collecting invoices is never a fun job. Unpaid's communication skills are so unique that paying a tricky invoice almost becomes a pleasure for the customer as excuses melt away like snow in the sun.

- D. Rademaker
Managing director

Thank you very much for following our file correctly and quickly and to bring it to a successful conclusion. If we have more unpaid invoices, we are happy to work with your team again. I certainly recommend you to everyone, thanks.

- Ivo Van Dessel
Manno Cleaning

Fast, direct and perfect too. Keep it up!

- Cromwell Cuvalay

Would like to thank you for this smooth handling. It’s the first time we sought your help and I am very satisfied. Proper, smooth communication, updates regarding the progress, in short, a very pleasant cooperation. In this way we no longer have to deal with this ourselves.


- Maxim Defloo
Verhuring Defloo

Great help. Took a long time before the person in question wanted to pay, 9 months, but did not have to pay anything outside the first deposit. Top service!

- Jaimy Appermans
Jamie's Cocktails

That simple? Speechless!

- Yves Van Dooren
Freelance Consultant

Our first file with Unpaid has been fully processed. Great experience. If necessary (hopefully not too much ;)) we will certainly call on Unpaid again.

- Thijs De Quick
Buro Project

We have used Unpaid for a number of years, and have been successfully paid for every file they have taken. A significant advantage is the burden it removes from our workload. From our accounting package, we can create a file with one click, after which Unpaid does all the complex work for us. The positive personal contact with both the general manager and his team completes the story.

- Jeroen Buggenhoudt

As a young company, we had significant trouble with customers who were stretching the limits of their payment terms. One of them stood out head and shoulders above the rest. There was typical behaviour like not responding to reminders, promising to pay but discovering that it hadn't worked out, and so on. Finally, after waiting for yet another payment, we called in Unpaid. We closely followed the instructions for reminders, and when, after reminder three the payment again failed, we sent the file to Unpaid. It's a very simple process via the online form. A week later, the payment came in. We only had to use the services of Unpaid once, but if we are forced into a similar situation in the future, I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to call Unpaid in.

- Antoon Vanderstraeten