What customers say about us

I used to work with a debt recovery agency, but they charged a commission of 20%. At Unpaid, although I do have to provide an advance, I get it all back promptly upon payment, PLUS 100% of the invoice amount!
- Fons Vandenbroek

I'm very satisfied with the cooperation and system of your organization. I have recommended you to my accountant and other self-employed people.

- D. Van Hulle
I am amazed at the fast functioning of both your office and the bailiff. I hope never to need you again but it had to be "direct"
- D.V.

Thanks for the quick arrangement. A correct service and the specified timing is respected. You have gained a customer.

- Sterca
Chris Sterck

Thank you for the great service. I spent months contacting the customer and 'asking' for the invoice to be paid. In the end, via unpaid.be, I spent just 10 minutes submitting the case and 3 weeks later, I received a mail that everything had been taken care of. Highly recommended!

- Bram Laebens
Monkey Monkey

Unpaid is so efficient that as a lawyer, I even use it myself for my own outstanding invoices.

- Evelyne Van den Vreken, LL.M.

Thank you very much for following our file correctly and quickly and to bring it to a successful conclusion. If we have more unpaid invoices, we are happy to work with your team again. I certainly recommend you to everyone, thanks.

- Ivo Van Dessel
Manno Cleaning

Fast, direct and perfect too. Keep it up!

- Cromwell Cuvalay

Would like to thank you for this smooth handling. It’s the first time we sought your help and I am very satisfied. Proper, smooth communication, updates regarding the progress, in short, a very pleasant cooperation. In this way we no longer have to deal with this ourselves.


- Maxim Defloo
Verhuring Defloo

Great help. Took a long time before the person in question wanted to pay, 9 months, but did not have to pay anything outside the first deposit. Top service!

- Jaimy Appermans
Jamie's Cocktails

That simple? Speechless!

- Yves Van Dooren
Freelance Consultant

Our first file with Unpaid has been fully processed. Great experience. If necessary (hopefully not too much ;)) we will certainly call on Unpaid again.

- Thijs De Quick
Buro Project