General Terms and Conditions

Do you have General Terms and Conditions? No? It is nevertheless an important document. The General Terms and Conditions determine the rules that will be applied in the event of discussions about delivered performances or invoiced goods. In other words: Good General Terms and Conditions ensure for you to have a stronger position in case of a dispute.

How to use the General Terms and Conditions?

It is useful to publish your General Terms and Conditions on your site and to always make a reference in your documentation. You can also add them to the official communications you have with your customers. For example to quotations, purchase orders and invoices.


Keep the General Terms and Conditions up to date

General Terms and Conditions must be up to date. Check on a regular basis whether everything included is still correct and relevant. If you adjust the General Terms and Conditions, you have to ensure these adjustments are incorporated in all documentation. Especially in a digital environment, it is useful to always refer to one source. So, if you add General Terms and Conditions to your communications, always (and preferably automatically) retrieve these from this central location.


How about the languages?

According to the law, an invoice and therefore also the conditions associated with the invoice, must be drawn up in the language linked to the location of the place of business of the sender. The Brussels-Capital Region is allowed to make a choice.


What has to be included?

General Terms and Conditions are depending on the company and the sector. This means you cannot just copy/paste the content and start using it for your specific situation. However, we have defined a number of general guidelines that may serve as a guiding principle when preparing your General Terms and Conditions. You can download these general guidelines here


General Terms and Conditions customised?

Are you looking for legal assistance when preparing your General Terms and Conditions? Do you want to be 100% sure that the provisions are conclusive? Please contact the office of De Groote – De Man from Ghent. More information can be found here.

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