At Unpaid, we put the accent on user-friendliness and efficiency. This not only means convenient online registration, but also immediate engagement of a bailiff.

Unpaid only works with uncontested invoices between professionals (holders of VAT numbers).

  1. Fill in the form. The 4-step process takes approximately 10 minutes. (Tip: be sure to have your bank card and a PDF of the outstanding invoice ready.) Of course, it all takes place over a secure connection.
  2. As you fill it in, we will verify whether your case meets the legal conditions. If this is not the case, then we will stop the process and suggest an alternative.
  3. As a final step, you will need to pay an advance. But don't worry, this will be reimbursed with your payment! The advance is calculated according to a scale established by the government as follows:

    Value of the case Advance, excl. VAT
    0 – 124,99 € 169,27 €
    125 – 369,99 € 201,13 €
    370 – 619,99 € 233,11 €
    620 – 1859,99 € 249,17 €
    1860 – 3719,99 € 281,15 €
    3720 – 12399,99 € 313,01 €
    12400 – 37199,99 € 345,11 €
    37200 - … 409,07 €

Your work is done! Within a week, our bailiff will hand-deliver a payment reminder to your customer at home. If your customer fails to respond, then after one month and eight days, the bailiff can obtain an enforceable right and force the debtor to pay (seizure). The bailiff will contact you directly to discuss the further progress.

After an average of 38 days, you will receive 100% of the money owed as well as the reimbursement of your paid advance.

New legislation

Thanks to the new "Potpourri" laws spearheaded by Minister Koen Geens, in late 2016 a revised administrative procedure was introduced allowing entrepreneurs in a B2B relationship to obtain, within 1 month + 8 days, a right equivalent to a court order.

Since then, in other words, it has been possible to legally pursue payment without the intervention of a judge.
This not only benefits the businesses (who can quickly recover their money), but the aim of the legislators was also to reduce the workload for the courts.

We have seized this opportunity and made the new procedure accessible through a simple website. Now you can skip a whole lot of steps (debt recovery agency, lawyer) and, with minimum expense and effort, quickly obtain payment for your invoice! Only if your customer later chooses to dispute the invoice, will the matter have to be taken to court.

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