A positive payment experience for every customer, how do you ensure this?

As an entrepreneur, you know how important it is to guarantee a good customer experience. But do you also stop to think about the final piece in this, the payment? Today, we will take a closer look at the payment experience of your customers. Why is a positive payment experience so important? And how do you make it easy for your customers? You can read it here.

Positive payment experience leads to quick payment of invoices

Smooth payment process = positive payment experience

How does your customer experience your payment process? It is worth taking a critical look at this.

Because a customer who has to go to a lot of trouble to pay an invoice will most likely have a negative feeling about it. In the worst case, he will not buy from you next time but will look for an alternative with a positive payment experience.

With these handy tips, you can improve your customer's payment experience.


Provide a clear invoice overview

Your customer needs to know exactly which invoice or invoices they still need to pay, what the outstanding amount is and where you expect to receive payment. Ideally, you bring all this information together on one clear page or dashboard. At the very least, make sure your customer doesn't have to search for an answer to his questions.


Provide a safe payment environment

First and foremost: provide your customer with a safe payment environment. Because the fewer worries your customer has, the faster he will pay. In fact, in a payment environment that seems unsafe, the customer may not pay at all. And as an entrepreneur, you definitely want to avoid that.


Make the payment as easy as possible

The easier it is to pay an invoice, the faster your customer will pay it.

  • Think of direct links to the correct payment page, handy QR codes, etc.
  • Offer your customers enough payment options. Give them the option to pay via a tool they recognise and trust.
  • You can also go a step further and give your customer the option of paying several invoices at once. That way, they gain time and you receive your money faster. A win-win!


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