Black Friday at Unpaid

On 23 November, you don't have to pay any advance on your claims

On Black Friday, you don't have to pay an advance at Unpaid! Take advantage of this promotion on 23 November by entering the promo code 'BLACK'. Submit as many claims as you like!

Black Friday promotion

Unpaid is getting on board with the Black Friday hype. On 23 November, you can submit unlimited claims without paying any advance!

How does it work?

We always do our utmost to recover all costs for our services (including the advance payment of € 40.00 excl. VAT) as well as the bailiff's costs from your client. In other words, on Black Friday you don't have to advance us this amount. When the process is complete, you will be paid 100% of your outstanding invoice as well as the advanced paid to Unpaid.

Just like with the regular procedure, you will be billed later for any costs incurred if recovery proves impossible. Please note: if there is a risk of insolvency, the bailiff will notify you immediately. All information about the costs associated with our procedure is also available here.

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