Collaboration between Unpaid and Teamleader

Unpaid and Teamleader are making beautiful music together

Unpaid and Teamleader joined forces to make collecting outstanding invoices even more convenient. Starting today, users of Teamleader can collect outstanding invoices in just a few mouse clicks via Unpaid.

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Over the past year, we have been developing ways to make collecting unpaid invoices affordable and efficient. Today, we are taking the next step, with direct integration in Teamleader.

Worldwide first

It’s the first time that the services of a lawyer are being directly integrated into a CRM such as Teamleader. A first that we are therefore proud to announce:

“From the very start of Unpaid, it’s been our aim to provide our clients with the most efficient service possible. We already work 100% online, but clients still had to enter the data on unpaid invoices on the website. With this integration, not even that step is required, because all the information is obtained from Teamleader. Now, you can submit a file in just a couple of mouse clicks,” says Jeroen De Man of Unpaid.

According to Niels Van den Buverie, Product Owner of the Marketplace, Teamleader is also pleased with the arrangement:

“This past May, we launched our Marketplace, a central platform for all Teamleader integrations. Since then, we have been actively looking for partners who can offer added value for our clients. Unpaid gives our clients access to an affordable solution for collecting invoices, without ever leaving their workflow within Teamleader. That makes the perfect tool for SMEs to avoid cash-flow problems and stay competitive.”

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