Meet Jens, our Client Happiness Officer

We have a new colleague ... Jens! Jens has been here since March 16th but due to the corona problems, we have only now been able to send him to the photographer. Jens is responsible for the "happiness" of our clients. He manages our client files and assists them in word and deed. He will personally see to it that the processing of your file goes smoothly from A to Z.

Jens has gained a lot of experience as head of prevention where he had to manage a team and think in a solution-oriented way. In addition, he keeps up with the current legislation so that everything goes according to the rules. All this comes in handy within Unpaid so he can provide the customer with the best possible service.

Just like Jens dives into your file, he literally dives in real life as an active member of the diving club, The Gent Dolphins. When diving, trust and responsibility are central and this is something he also takes into account in his work.

If you can't find Jens in his childhood home, maybe you can find him on stage, because he's not a bad bass player.

unpaid client happiness officer