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1000 thank you
Today, we opened a bottle of bubbly in our home office as we toasted the 1,000th Unpaid customer! Less than four years after we founded Unpaid, a thousand companies already rely on us to collect their unpaid invoices.
unpaid invoi? Don't be the last in line.
Corona is hitting the world economy extremely hard. Many sectors are becoming more and more challenged. It is, therefore, to be expected that this will have a domino effect. The banks in our country are very worried about the wave of defaults that awaits us. KBC, for example, has already set aside EUR 845 million to absorb the losses incurred by companies and individuals who are unable to repay their debts. ING foresees 1.3 billion Euros for the same reason.
welkom jens client happiness officer
We have a new colleague ... Jens! Jens has been here since March 16th but due to the corona problems, we have only now been able to send him to the photographer. Jens is responsible for the "happiness" of our clients. He manages our client files and assists them in word and deed. He will personally see to it that the processing of your file goes smoothly from A to Z.
Day after day, we at Unpaid work hard to help you as an entrepreneur collect unpaid invoices as quickly and efficiently as possible. To make it even better, we have strengthened our ranks since the end of January with Frédéric Steyaert. Descended from an entrepreneurial family, customer care is in Frédéric's blood. He also managed a credit management company for 7 years.
Shorter payment terms on the way for SMEs
Starting from 29 April 2020, large companies will no longer be able to impose payment terms of more than 90 days on SMEs. In the past, large companies have sometimes taken advantage of their position of power over smaller contractors. Suppliers would be pressured to accept long payment terms of up to 120 days or more. Those who objected would lose out on major contracts. The new law of 29 May 2019 changes all that.
At Unpaid, we've hit the milestone of 750 customers and we couldn't be prouder.
As of today, Unpaid has added Octopus to the list of software platforms with which integration is possible. Octopus is a Belgian pioneer in the field of internet accounting with more than 35.000 client files. Thanks to this latest integration, Octopus customers can now seamlessly use the Unpaid collection platform.
Today we party and celebrate Unpaid's birthday! Three years ago we took our first baby steps and today we are a growing, dynamic start-up. Looking back once in a while is always a good thing. And it has to be said, we are shocked at how much we have been able to achieve in the last three years. Today is one of those days where get to show off.
Credit Management Innovation award
On 21 November 2019, following the annual Credit Expo, the Credit Management Innovation Award was awarded. This award is awarded to companies with exceptional, ground breaking, innovative, surprising initiatives that had a significant, demonstrable positive effect on the quality of credit management.
new blog section “Discover”
Today our blog received a facelift. We have always found it important to keep you informed, whether it's news about credit management or how Unpaid can help you. Because this is very important to us, we thought it was time to bring some structure into these contributions.
It’s been 3 years since the introduction of the IOS/RCI procedure. Happy Birthday!
In July 2019, the procedure for the collection of undisputed debts, also known as the IOS/RCI procedure (Invordering onbetwiste geldschulden/Recouvrement de Recouvrement de créances incontestées) will have existed for 3 years. This legislation forms the basis for everything we do at Unpaid. Thanks to this law, companies now have the ability to collect undisputed, unpaid invoices through a fast, simple, streamlined procedure. Unpaid has specialised in facilitating this procedure and it hasn't gone unnoticed. Already in 2017, we won the prestigious European “innovative Lawyers award” from the Financial Times.
Have you always wondered who is actually handling your invoices behind the scenes? Well, here’s the team behind Unpaid!
Black friday unpaid
On Black Friday, you don't have to pay an advance at Unpaid! Take advantage of this promotion on 23 November by entering the promo code 'BLACK'. Submit as many claims as you like!
logo Yuki
Good news for users of the online accounting platform Yuki! It's now possible to link your Yuki account with Unpaid. This allows you to collect unpaid invoices directly, with no additional steps!
bespaar tijd met de bulkoptie op Unpaid
Thanks to our new 'bulk upload' function, it's now also possible to upload multiple claims at the same time. Afterwards, you pay the invoice for all of the claims together. It's easy and time-saving!
nieuw bij unpaid: statusupdates
You may already have noticed it in recent weeks: When you submit a claim to Unpaid, from now on you'll receive 'status updates'. A handy message in your Inbox will keep you informed of the status of your claim. That way, you can stay on top of the progress towards recovering your money!
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Meer dan 400 bedrijven kiezen voor unpaid
Unpaid has been operational for a year and a half! So it's high time to take stock of the concrete results we've been able to deliver in that time.
logo Exact
Collecting unpaid invoices is now even easier! Users of the leading bookkeeping software Exact can now seamlessly import invoices into Unpaid.
Teamleader decoration
Unpaid and Teamleader joined forces to make collecting outstanding invoices even more convenient. Starting today, users of Teamleader can collect outstanding invoices in just a few mouse clicks via Unpaid.
To make things even more convenient for our clients, we’ve been working on an integration with BillIt (a popular E-billing platform).
The Financial Times publishes an Innovative Lawyers report annually. This ranking has some very prestigious awards connected to it. In the category “Innovation in the business of law: new products and services”, our firm won, with the product Unpaid. The award was presented during a ceremony in the Natural History Museum in London on the 4th of October, 2017.
Unpaid vermeld in een artikel van de Standaard
Today, Unpaid was mentioned in the Belgian newspaper "De Standaard"