Collecting unpaid rent through Unpaid, is that possible?

A badly paying tenant is every landlord's nightmare. After all, you don't have much leverage to force them to pay. But have you considered Unpaid? In a business-to-business environment (B2B), using our procedure is the best way to collect overdue rent.

Collecting unpaid rent through Unpaid, is that possible?

As with any unpaid invoice, it is vital to be on the ball and immediately come up with the right approach for the specific situation. After all, dealing with a private individual who does not pay their rent is not the same as liaising with a company.

Collecting unpaid rent from a private individual

Is the tenant a private renter, or are both parties? In this case, Unpaid will not be able to pursue the arrears for the time being. The legal procedure we use does not allow us to act against private persons, although this extension of the IOS legislation is on the table with the government. In the meantime, we advise you to consult a specialised lawyer or appeal to the peace court.

difference B2B and B2C

Collecting rent arrears from a company

In a B2B context, when both the tenant and landlord are businesses, an invoice will usually have been drawn up for the rent. But this is not essential; a contract is sufficient. Are you renting to another Belgian company, and do you have rent arrears? Then Unpaid can help you collect it via the IOS procedure.

And it happens fast. We will send a bailiff to your tenant within five working days. Resolute, fast action is the best way to guarantee keeping rent arrears to a minimum.

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