Now you can submit multiple claims all at once!

New at Unpaid: Upload claims in bulk

Thanks to our new 'bulk upload' function, it's now also possible to upload multiple claims at the same time. Afterwards, you pay the invoice for all of the claims together. It's easy and time-saving!

Multitasking is the name of the game

Do you have multiple unpaid invoices from different debtors that you would like to claim? Then you probably don't look forward to entering a separate claim for each one. Time is money. That's why we now offer you the option of grouping your claims and uploading them together all in one go!

NEW: Bulk upload

How does it work?

For bulk upload, you need the same information and documents as for the standard procedure. Only here, you first compile the data on your customers, the invoice dates and the amounts in a CSV file.

You can upload everything in one go.

  1. Just add the PDF files of the invoices and any additional documents (payment reminders, credit notes, etc.).
  2. Check everything over in the handy overview and that's it!
  3. You'll receive a lump sum invoice for the advance payment for all the claims combined.

Just as in the standard procedure, the bailiff will immediately start the process of recovering your claims. Via our status updates, you'll then be able to track the progress of each claim.

Interested in the bulk option?

Just let us know if you are interested in using bulk upload. We'll be happy to review together whether this is the best solution for you.

Do you have an unpaid invoice or do you have questions about how Unpaid works? Call +32 9 396 34 00 or let us know when you want to be called.