Unpaid invoices? Don’t be the last in line

Corona is hitting the world economy extremely hard. Many sectors are becoming more and more challenged. It is, therefore, to be expected that this will have a domino effect. The banks in our country are very worried about the wave of defaults that awaits us. KBC, for example, has already set aside EUR 845 million to absorb the losses incurred by companies and individuals who are unable to repay their debts. ING foresees 1.3 billion Euros for the same reason.

Don't wait too long to collect unpaid invoices

It goes without saying that these are vast sums of money. We are only talking about two of the many banks in our country. It goes without saying that these banks have the necessary expertise to make such predictions.

It only takes a small step to realise that this trend will continue throughout the economy. It is therefore important to ensure that you are not at the very back of the list of creditors. Waiting for a wave of defaults seems unwise, certainly if the knock-on effect continues. So, the message is to react now. After all, it is not up to companies to finance their customers; that is the task of the banks and the support measures of public authorities.

onbetaalde facturen tijdig innen


Do you have unpaid invoices? Speed is critical

In view of the impending wave of mispayments, a rapid response process is obviously important. The IOS procedure was developed to quickly go after your unpaid invoices. Do you have unpaid invoices, and would you like to know more about this? Then take a quick look at our website www.unpaid.be or call us on 09/396 34 00.

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