Use Unpaid directly from Billit

To make things even more convenient for our clients, we’ve been working on an integration with BillIt (a popular E-billing platform).

It couldn’t be easier

Unpaid makes it simple to collect unpaid invoices, but before, you still had to enter the details of the invoice on our website. It was therefore a logical step to set up an integration with a billing platform, so that you no longer have to enter any data.

And since both BillIt and Unpaid have been pioneering online platforms, the choice was clear. After a couple of months’ work, the integration is complete!

Total integration

BillIt has fully integrated the various steps for submitting a file to Unpaid within the BillIt website. This way, you don’t ever have to leave the BillIt website. 

We also have an integration with Teamleader, but it’s different. That integration allows you to import invoices from Teamleader to and submit your file on In other words, you can track these files on, while with BillIt, the integration takes place on the BillIt website.

About BillIt

BillIt is an E-billing platform where bookkeepers and entrepreneurs collaborate. Not familiar with BillIt? Then be sure to visit their website, where you can test the platform for free!

Do you have an unpaid invoice or do you have questions about how Unpaid works? Call +32 9 396 34 00 or let us know when you want to be called.