What is the difference between an amicable and a judicial debt collection?

Do you have unpaid invoices? A legal debt collection procedure is not always necessary. Before going to court, you can start an amicable collection procedure. What is the difference between the two? We will explain it to you in this article.

difference between an amicable and a judicial debt collection

What is an amicable recovery procedure?

Before you start legal proceedings against a customer from whom you are owed money, you can go through an amicable procedure where you encourage your debtor to pay the unpaid debt.

What could an amicable recovery procedure look like?


  • You send a reminder letter or e-mail, with or without a registered letter.
  • You call your customer and remind them of the outstanding invoice.
  • You visit your customer to discuss the non-payment.

Make sure that your customer confirms any agreements in writing, on paper. This can be very useful if you do have to take legal action to collect the debt.

Always keep the legal rules in mind if you want to reach an amicable settlement yourself. Alternatively, call in professional help, from a bailiff, for example.

What is judicial debt collection?

Have you tried every possible way to achieve an amicable debt collection, without success? With a judicial or legal collection, you can use coercive measures to force the defaulter to pay. This may involve the seizure of the debtor's stocks, wages, home, car, etc.

gerechtelijke invorderingsprocedure

As a creditor, you cannot just do this yourself. You need a judgement for these actions. A bailiff takes care of the execution of this procedure and is the only one who may execute an attachment.

Thanks to our Unpaid procedure, you can now obtain such a judgement much faster than before. This procedure was, in fact, specially developed to speed up the legal collection process. The most important condition is that it concerns an undisputed invoice between two companies (B2B).

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