These are the faces behind Unpaid

Introducing the team who collects your money for you

Have you always wondered who is actually handling your invoices behind the scenes? Well, here’s the team behind Unpaid!

Starting up the quick online procedure to recover your money is all very convenient and efficient. But it’s a bit anonymous. After all, who are the people behind the computer screens at Unpaid? It's always a little more reassuring to be able to put a name and face to the people handling your money.

That's why we’re pleased to introduce the Unpaid team, complete with names and photos!



In 2018 Dirk decided on a drastic career change. After having been active in large companies for more than 20 years, it was time to pursue his own dream, “his own company”. As a mentor at The Birdhouse he had the opportunity to see how dynamic the many young, and not so young starters, are. He also met Jeroen De Man, partner at the law firm De Groote - De Man and in 2016 founder of Unpaid, within this same Birdhouse. He was looking for someone who wanted to join this adventure and who could take on the daily management. Given his background in finance and online and considering how ambitious he is, this was the perfect proposal at the perfect time.


Dirk Dewulf – CEO Unpaid


Jens - Chief Happiness Officer
Jens Van Seymortier – Chief Happiness Officer

Inès - Marketing Manager

Inès Aggoune – Marketing Officer


De Groote – De Man Law Firm

The Gent-based law firm De Groote – De Man is the mastermind behind Unpaid. Business Manager & Managing Partner Jeroen De Man saw the amendment of the law in 2016 as an ideal opportunity to create a procedure for faster, more efficient debt collection. He automated the entire process, creating a system that’s not only completely legal, but also cheaper and faster than the traditional method. was born.

Users with questions about Unpaid are welcome to contact him via the website or via the general office telephone number. Jeroen would be happy to help you with further information or advice on specific questions.


Jeroen De Man – Business manager and creator of Unpaid

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